Checking For Damp In Used Caravans

One of the most important tests that you can complete on a used caravan that you are interested in buying is for damp (or water ingress if you want to get technical). This is because damp is a caravan owner’s worst nightmare – it can be repairable but, in many cases, it isn’t or just isn’t worth the time and money it would need. By ensuring that a used caravan is damp free before you buy it, you could be saving yourself from a lot of problems in the future.

There are a number of reasons that damp could form in your used caravan, including:

  • Owners neglecting to drain the water out of the boiler when putting the caravan into storage over winter. The pipes will expand due to cold and frost and this can cause them to split, allowing any water to leak out.
  • Faulty seals around the windows and roof, which allows water to seep into the van when it rains.
  • Cracks in the bottom of the shower or gaps around the basins, shower and toilet. This will allow water from the facilities themselves to soak into the caravan’s walls and floor.

Unfortunately, damp can occur anywhere in a used caravan, so it is important to ensure that you check absolutely everywhere. A smell of a wet towel that has been left for a while is usually a good indicator that damp is present, but many sellers will air the van out prior to an inspection, so you cannot rely on scent alone. Look for lumps, bumps, stains and mold on the various wall panels, as well as for discolouration on panels around windows, sinks and taps. A springy or spongy floor is also a good indicator of damp in a used caravan.

If you are able to buy or borrow a damp tester, this will be your best bet of ensuring that the caravan you are looking at is definitely free of damp. You will find these devices at most caravan and camping supply stores, and they really are invaluable when it comes to buying a used caravan.

Another way to spot possible problems with damp in a used caravan is to check it over for new or mismatched wallpaper, paint, linoleum and carpet. Quite often, this is a good indicator that a dodgy repair or cover up job has taken place. If a caravan damp repair is not undertaken by the proper professional, the damp will return.

Not only will damp problems eventually ruin your used caravan, it can pose significant health risks, especially for people who have skin allergies, asthma and arthritis due to the germs and bacteria living in the mold. Even though damp can be repaired, it is rarely ever worth it.

Caravan Insurance Brokers Can Save You Money

Caravan insurance brokers can save you a great deal of money on the cost of your insurance. They will be able to shop around on your behalf with some of the top UK insurance providers to find you the most competitive premiums so that you can take your time and compare the cost along with the features of the cover. Comparing features is essential if you are to get the best protection for your needs with all the features you need and these features can vary depending on whether you want static insurance or touring caravan insurance.

When it comes to saving money on your caravan insurance then there are many things that you could do to help you keep down the cost of the insurance. The first thing that you can give some consideration to is paying out more in excess than what the insurance company asks for. All insurance providers will state a minimum amount of excess that you would have to pay in the event that you had to make a claim before they will take over and pay the rest. By offering to pay out more in excess you will keep down the cost of the insurance but you would need to remember that this sum of money would need to come out of your own pocket in a lump sum. You also have to take into account that if you were unlucky enough to have to make a claim on the insurance you could lose out.

Some insurance providers will allow you to pay for the insurance in monthly installments by direct debit. However if you can pay for the insurance in a lump sum yearly then you can make savings on your policy.

Never be tempted just to renew your caravan insurance year after year. Just because you got a great deal on the insurance one year it does not necessarily mean that you will get the same this year with the same provider. By allowing a broker to search around for you savings could made.

Another great way to make savings before applying for cover with caravan insurance brokers is to ensure you have safety measures in place. The safer your caravan is then the harder it would be for individuals to break in. Therefore installing an alarm system, window and door locks can also help to keep down the cost of the insurance. Installing a smoke alarm will also help towards keeping down the cost of the insurance.

While you do want to make savings on your caravan insurance it is imperative to get the right cover. For instance if you rent out your caravan then you would need insurance that would protect against a loss of rental income if your caravan was damaged and you could not rent it while it was being repaired. If you were travelling around in a touring caravan then you would have to decide if you wanted European cover included in the policy before approaching caravan insurance brokers to find your quote. This is essential if you are planning on touring around Europe as it would pay out for recovery and repairs of your caravan. It would also pay out for you to stay in alternative accommodation while your caravan was being repaired. Without European cover you could have to pay a substantial amount of money out of your own pocket.

Damaged Caravans Are No Fun to Drive When Your Family Is Along for the Ride

It doesn’t matter whether a caravan is your permanent home or simply a home away from home. Either way, you need to make sure that it is given the utmost care. People who fail to do safety inspections will wind up with damaged caravans in the process. In the case of a touring caravan, there are many instances where damage can occur while driving around the country.

If you want protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances, get insurance from a caravan repairs facility offering this. A lot of reputable firms engaging in this kind of business will have the means to process your insurance claims. Vandalism, fire, and weather damage are the common causes of damage to this kind of vehicle.

If you live inside a caravan, whether at a trailer park or on your own property, it is considered a static caravan. There is an insurance policy for this as well. It will cover the surrounding areas which add to your comfort of living. Included in this type of coverage are your patio, front door steps, awnings, and fencing.

When you search for this particular insurance classification, check to see that these items are clearly stated, so you’ll know what is covered. Before approaching a caravan repairs business, find out how much reimbursement each item gets and what specific damages are covered. The amount you receive should cover repairs to damaged caravans and replace any wrecked property.

Touring caravans also need insurance. There are a few good reasons for this. When not in use, an idle touring caravan can be damaged by inclement weather, unruly vandals, or wild animals. While travelling around in it, you might get into an accident and hurt someone in the process. This is when limited liability insurance can really save you from a possible huge payout.

A caravan could also be stolen, in which case loss of property coverage will be needed. If you want to bring down your insurance coverage costs, there are a few things you can do. The first thing is to install a burglar alarm to scare would-be thieves. Next, make sure to park in a secure location. Finally, adding a tracking device and axle lock will help bring down your insurance premium cost.
One thing people fail to ask a company engaging in caravan repairs is whether personal belongings are covered. To save you the trouble of finding out, know that most of them do not. In this case, your best option would be to make sure your household insurance covers whatever expensive items you bring along on your travels.

These include electronic equipment such as a TV, computer, laptop, CD, camera, and DVD player. Before starting your vacation, come up with a list of all valuable items you plan on taking, including how much they are worth. In case anything gets stolen, you have serial numbers and photographs of the items in question.

For holiday makers, driving around in damaged caravans is no way to start a vacation. To ensure everyone’s happiness, visit a caravan repair shop and get your vehicle assessed for potential damages and insurance coverage which shields you from future mishaps.

Purchasing a Second User Caravan Privately

Purchasing a second user caravan from a dealership has several benefits but the most essential purpose is that sellers do their very own checks to make sure caravans are in perfect working functionality. As such they are able to frequently give you a restricted verification that if something does go incorrect then they’re going to either repair it or refund your cash.

That stated, there are numerous bargains available privately and this information outlines the stuff you must always look out for within the event you do determine to do the leg work your self and purchase privately.

The first actual thing to bear in mind is that purchasing privately goes to need more than heading to a dealership because the fashions are definitely unfold out over a huge space quite than in a single place, which suggests that maintaining your eye out for the best caravan is vitally very important.

When taking a look at a potential caravan, do not be afraid to request the clumsy questions like if there were any repairs to the caravan, and if the vendor has documentation to reveal it was seen by a credible repairer. Similarly, when a vendor is being upfront regarding any issues it’s normally a perfect signal that you are not going for getting any bad surprises -and keep in mind, if it sounds too perfect to be real, it truly is!

Probably the most essential stuff you wish to ascertain for any caravan is that there are not any signs of humid, mould or mold. This is brought on by water operating its approach throughout the bodywork or panels and into the caravan alone, or by very bad ventilation over a protracted time, inflicting condensation and damping out the way out. Test it for any signal of damp beneath carpets, beneath the bathe basins and refrigerator, within cabinets and wardrobes – principally anyplace that touches the outside walls on the caravan, whether the roof, or the ground panels.

Shifting to the outer side of the caravan, look for indicators of rust towards the bodywork and chassis, above all in areas like the wheel arches to see if water could fray away paint and sealants. Rust and humid are both very tough to eliminate and within the worst cases may afford a caravan totally unusable, so these two things should always be peak of your checklist of things to search out for.

Additionally, be certain that before you get it, you have observed the caravans beds well, and verified that the devices and hinges are robust and in complete working order. It is always better, when you do that yourself moderately than letting the proprietor do it on your behalf, however ensure you get permission firstly and listen moderately to how it may be done as the very final thing you need is to wreck the caravan before you have bought it!

Once you have determined the caravan you need, before you surrender any money, it is crucial that you verify the caravan is not stolen by telephoning HPI and asking them to visualize the CRiS quantity into their database. This is often a tiny low commission, so solely worthy doing once you’re able to buy. The quantity may frequently be discovered engraved onto the windows and can generally be found someplace at the chassis. Understand that solely caravans after the year 1992 may have a CRiS enrollment quantity.

Eventually, don’t put out of your mind to insure your caravan, so you pull it away to make sure your caravanning desires are not ended, even before they get began. Most automobile insurance coverage policies will conceal third party liability sides such as harm to other folks’ estate brought on by the caravan while it’s being towed. Nevertheless, harm to the caravan alone and robbery of the caravan or its apparatus will solely be protected by a consultant caravan insurance coverage policy. Caravan insurance coverage premiums generally start at under £80; however, they are suffering from a large vary of components like the caravan’s cost, your towing expertise, and claims expertise… In addition, where you select to store your caravan, if not in use and what safety mechanisms are deployed after the caravan is left unattended.