Caravan Insurance Brokers Can Save You Money

Caravan insurance brokers can save you a great deal of money on the cost of your insurance. They will be able to shop around on your behalf with some of the top UK insurance providers to find you the most competitive premiums so that you can take your time and compare the cost along with the features of the cover. Comparing features is essential if you are to get the best protection for your needs with all the features you need and these features can vary depending on whether you want static insurance or touring caravan insurance.

When it comes to saving money on your caravan insurance then there are many things that you could do to help you keep down the cost of the insurance. The first thing that you can give some consideration to is paying out more in excess than what the insurance company asks for. All insurance providers will state a minimum amount of excess that you would have to pay in the event that you had to make a claim before they will take over and pay the rest. By offering to pay out more in excess you will keep down the cost of the insurance but you would need to remember that this sum of money would need to come out of your own pocket in a lump sum. You also have to take into account that if you were unlucky enough to have to make a claim on the insurance you could lose out.

Some insurance providers will allow you to pay for the insurance in monthly installments by direct debit. However if you can pay for the insurance in a lump sum yearly then you can make savings on your policy.

Never be tempted just to renew your caravan insurance year after year. Just because you got a great deal on the insurance one year it does not necessarily mean that you will get the same this year with the same provider. By allowing a broker to search around for you savings could made.

Another great way to make savings before applying for cover with caravan insurance brokers is to ensure you have safety measures in place. The safer your caravan is then the harder it would be for individuals to break in. Therefore installing an alarm system, window and door locks can also help to keep down the cost of the insurance. Installing a smoke alarm will also help towards keeping down the cost of the insurance.

While you do want to make savings on your caravan insurance it is imperative to get the right cover. For instance if you rent out your caravan then you would need insurance that would protect against a loss of rental income if your caravan was damaged and you could not rent it while it was being repaired. If you were travelling around in a touring caravan then you would have to decide if you wanted European cover included in the policy before approaching caravan insurance brokers to find your quote. This is essential if you are planning on touring around Europe as it would pay out for recovery and repairs of your caravan. It would also pay out for you to stay in alternative accommodation while your caravan was being repaired. Without European cover you could have to pay a substantial amount of money out of your own pocket.